The “American Titanic” is Sinking Fast!

The Lord shall surely judge America, for our sins are the same as ancient Israel’s. We have forsaken the God of our forefathers to serve our own gods, namely self and money. We draw nigh to the Lord with our lips. We say “one nation under God” and “In God we trust.” But our hearts are far from Him. We have turned aside to fill our “one nation, under God” with the blood of the innocent unborn, of which the Lord will not pardon. In an upcoming article, I will detail the Scriptural reasons why God will punish America.

But when will this judgment come? The Bible says that we know not the day nor the hour, but this refers to Christ’s second coming. I am not going to give a date, but an estimate. I don’t know the date. But it is coming. That is a Scriptural certainty.

If the United States of America can be modeled as the Titanic, in what stage of the sinking are we? I thought about this, and figured that most of the bow (front of the ship) is under the water. Then, I asked the Lord. He replied “at the first funnel (smokestack).” So we are more advanced along than I had thought.

At this time in the sinking, the Titanic had only 5 – 10 minutes left afloat! The Titanic sunk in 2 hours, 40 minutes (160 minutes total). It struck the iceberg at 11:40 PM, April 14, 1912, sinking at 2:20 AM. With the water at the first funnel, the ship is sinking fast.

Knowing how long it took the Titanic to sink, and how long the “American Titanic” has left with respect to the RMS Titanic, we can calculate how much time the “American Titanic” has left. So when did America begin sinking?

Ancient Israel finally crossed the line with God under the reign of Manasseh. This wicked king seduced the people into greater wickedness than the former inhabitants of the land, which their forefathers had driven out (See 2 Kings 21). He also seduced them into shedding innocent blood greatly. They filled Jerusalem with innocent blood. The Lord declared that He would not pardon them for this shedding of innocent blood, but would remove them out of His sight (2 Kings 24:3,4). Therefore, the shedding of innocent blood on a large scale was there most terrible sin.

So, when did America begin filling her cities with innocent blood?

I calculated the “American Titanic’s” time left, assuming that the ship struck the iceberg in Jan 1973. The calculation is a simple proportion. I calculated for both 10 and 5 minutes left, on the Titanic’s scale.

10 minutes: (33 8 / 12) / 150 = n / 10 ==> n = 2.204 = 2 years, 2 1/2 months.

5 minutes:   (33 8 / 12) / 155 = n / 5   ==> n = 1.06 = 1 year, 3/4 months.

The “American Titanic” has, at most, 2 years, and 2 and 1/2 months left. What does this mean for America? What will happen when this time is up? I do not know. One or many of a number of things could happen.

  • Open dictatorship?
  • American holocaust
  • Horrible natural disasters
  • Famine
  • Nuclear war
  • Invasion of US soil by Russia and/or China and/or any number of enemies
  • Total martial law
  • Oppression of the people

I’m not saying that all of these will happen, but many are looking quite probable, at least in the next decade. The Titanic broke in two a few minutes before it sank. Does this imply that America will be split in two by an earthquake on the New Madrid fault before it “sinks?” Your guess is as good as mine.

The American Titanic is flooding and sinking, not with seawater, but with the blood of innocents, shed from sea to shining sea! But yet we still say, “God Himself could not sink this nation!” The ship is sinking RAPIDLY, and yet we still proudly declare that it cannot sink! Even the Titanic’s passengers were not this foolish and arrogant!

It is too late for national repentance. The ship is doomed. Judgment shall come. The Bible makes it clear that at this point Israel was unable to turn back the wrath of God. They would be exiled. And modern America’s sins are the same as ancient Israel’s. Oh, how can we escape the judgment of God!

But here is the good news: It is not too late for personal repentance. Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, came into this world to DIE to reconcile YOU to God. Millions may die in the coming judgment; if you are one of them, where would you spend eternity? Even if you survive the awful calamities coming, you will still die some day. If you die without Christ, you will spend eternity in Hell. That is forever, infinity. But Jesus does not want to be your judge, He wants to be your Saviour, He wants to be your friend that sticketh closer than a brother. If you haven’t received Him yet, receive Him today. He will forgive you of your sins if you come to Him with a repentant heart.

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