Preserved Word Ministries

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away. - Jesus Christ, Matt 24:35


Our tracts consist of short articles in tri-fold brochure format, covering salvation, Christianity, the Bible, and everything else we cover here at Preserved Word.  These tracts are free for all to download and distribute, so please feel free to do so. 

All tracts have a blank space on the back for your church or ministry contact information.  New: You can now enter your contact information directly into the tract, no more stamping or labeling.

To print the tracts:

Enter your church or ministry contact information into the "Complements of" box.  The text "Complements of" can be removed or altered to suit your needs.Click the printer icon in Acrobat Reader (NOT your web browser).Set "Page Scaling" to NONEUNCHECK "Auto-Rotate and Center"CHECK "Choose paper source by PDF size"Print the tract on front and back of a sheet.  To do this, select Properties, and check "Print on both sides" (depending on printer model).  (If your printer doesn't support printing on both sides, you can print the first side, reinsert the paper, and print the other side.)Click OK