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Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away. - Jesus Christ, Matt 24:35

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News about the latest happenings here at Preserved Word Ministries, and brief commentaries on national news.

Welcome to the New PWM Website

If you’re seeing this, then you are on the new Preserved Word Ministry website.  We have completely rebuilt our website from the ground up, and hope that it will now provide a much better experience for users. However, we are still working on verifying content that has been imported from our old site.  If you […]

New and Updated Tracts

I have released a new tract entitled “Life Extension Technologies: Coming Soon,” targeted at transhumanists.  It briefs technologies advocated by transhumanists for life extension (the technological content was derived from a transhumanist website), then explains that faith in Jesus Christ is the only guaranteed way to achieve eternal life.  While targeted to transhumanists, this tract […]

New: Preserved Word Store

The Preserved Word Store has been officially launched.  Currently available is Bible SuperSearch downloads, CDs and customization services. Look for more to come in the near future, including literature (the Bible Series), and additional website tools. Please support this ministry, buy from our store! You can visit the store here:   (Views: 1325)

A Preview of Obama’s Change

A preview of the “change” to be expected under Obama. Pass it on! Sodomites attack Church in Lansing, MI Video: Gay Marriage Proponents Attack Elderly Woman Freedom of Choice Act Abortion Groups Confident Obama Will Push His Pro-Abortion Agenda Barry the Marxist infiltrator Rahmn Emanuel’s Compulsory “Circle of Love” […]