About Us

Preserved Word Ministries was founded in 2001 as “Alive in Christ” by Luke Mounsey. It existed solely as a website until 2007, when a new website was launched, and the ministry was renamed Preserved Word Ministries. Since then, we have desired to maintain an offline presence, in presenting our materials to others through preaching, teaching, group discussions, and tracts.

Luke Mounsey has earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, and a Master of Engineering, both from Michigan Technological University. During his time at Michigan Tech, he wrote and edited several chapters for a college level electrical engineering textbook. He also developed a remote, web-based electrical engineering laboratory, along with the curriculum for this lab course. More recently, he has been ‘tent-making’ by working as a PHP web programmer.  He has also developed an advanced Bible search engine.

As a student of the Bible, Luke Mounsey sees his calling to travel and preach on the Bible and it’s preservation in the King James Version. He is currently researching and refining his Bible Series in preparation for this ministry.

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