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Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My words shall not pass away. - Jesus Christ, Matt 24:35

Christian History

Witness the history of Bible-believing Christians, from the time of Jesus Christ and the apostles until the present. Much of this material has been covered up, and omitted from secular history books.  Bible believing Christians have gone under many names, including Paulicians, Donatists, Novationists, Albigensians, Waldensians, Anabaptists, Plymouth Brethren and Baptists.  These groups were never a part of the corrupt Roman Catholic system, but were labled as "heretics" by the Catholic institution.  Also covered are various revivals, including those who caused people to be saved out of dead, formal denominations to become Bible-believing Christians.

A Timeline of Christian History

This is a timeline of Christian groups through out the ages who contended for the true faith, and opposed the counterfeit Christianity that developed into Roman Catholicism.   This timeline is by no means complete. First Century (32) – John the Baptist beheaded (33) – Christ’s death and resurrection (63) – Britain first reached with […]