Welcome to Preserved Word Ministries. We preach and promote Biblical Christianity and Bible prophecy, as it is found in the inspired, preserved word of God, the King James Bible. In doing this, we expose trends leading to the rise of the antichrist and the development of global government, otherwise known as the New World Order.  We hope you are blessed by your visit!

WARNING: Your sins will put you in the fires of Hell forever! For the punishment of sin, any sin, is eternal death. But God loves you and does not want to you burn in Hell. His Son Jesus took your punishment for you, to obtain your pardon. This pardon is God’s FREE GIFT to you, but like any gift, you must ACCEPT IT to receive it. God offers you His salvation, eternal life in Heaven, but you must go throught His Son to receive it. HEAVEN IS A FREE GIFT.  If you would like to know how to receive eternal life in Heaven, please CLICK HERE.

Free Ebook: God’s Word To Us    Explains the BIBLICAL reasons why the King James Version is the superior English Bible