Subscription Content Being Restructured

After three months of writing two subscription articles a week, I realized that something had to change.  First, I was finding little time to do my serious research as these “subscription” articles were eating up all my time.  Second, some of the subscription articles were coming off rushed, and were not the best quality.  I’ve decided to place quality over quantity, and forcing myself to release bits and pieces of my research prematurely has led to incomplete documents.  Thus, the Bible series research will be released to subscribers as each major section is completed.

Therefore, from now on, the subscription articles will be limited to premium content such as e-Books (such as the Bible Series) and indept special reports (I Am Legend and swine flu, ect). All other content will be made free. Thus, most of the website content will be free, and the subscription content will be of a much higher quailty.  However, the subscription content will not be regularly posted.  I hope to post one or two subscription materials per month, but this is not a guarantee.

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Updated: February 24, 2015 — 10:42 PM