Citizen Classification in the NWO




New World Order Initiate

Takes Mark of the Beast

Geneticly modified to become a “god”



Second-class citizens.

Will eventually have to chose

between Blue or Black.



Anyone seen as threat to NWO agenda.

Will be exterminated

if lacking Divine protection.


(The “Blue Roundup List”)

Small or potential threats.

Will be rounded up within six weeks of martial law declaration


(The “Red Roundup List”)

Those posing a considerable threat.

Will be rounded up shortly before martial law declaration.



In the New World Order, citizens will be classified according to their compliance and loyalty to the state.   There has been much of “color-coding” of individuals so the agents know who you are when they check your papers.     While there is disagreement as to the actual colors in the classification system, it is quite possible that something like this will be used here, in the United States, in the not-too-distant future.   There has been talk of “trusted traveler” cards to expedite people through the airport security.   What I have shown above is a compilation from a few sources as to what this coding system will be like.   There will be at least three levels of classification, with sublevels within.   As Rod Lewis explained in his video “Shackles of the New World Order”, the levels will be friend, neutral, and foe.

Those rated “Blue” will be those individuals who have “fully entered into the New World Order society”.   These will have the most rights and freedoms under the tyranny of the antichrist.   These will have taken the Luciferian pledge and the Mark of the Beast:

No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.”       —David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

These, having taken the satanic pledge and the Mark of the Beast, and possibly a genetic “modification”, are no longer capable of being saved, and are thus doomed for hell.  The mark of the beast will be implemented incrementally, just like it’s biometric and biochip precursors.   It probably won’t be required to buy and sell at first, unless some precursory system has been established beforehand that is required to buy and sell, such as a national ID card.

Those rated “Red” are the “neutral” citizens.   These have yet to accept the initiation into the New World Order, but also do not oppose it.   The powers that be will know who opposes their system through the Big Brother tracking grid that will monitor every email, phone call, website visited, TV show watched, ect.   They will be second-class citizens, restricted to purchasing inferior goods, living in inferior areas, and working inferior jobs.   Reds will eventually be forced to chose between joining the NWO or opposing it.

Those rated “Black” are the enemies of the New World Order.   These include those who actively fight the NWO, and those who don’t openly oppose it, but who are still seen as a threat.   Most (good) evangelical preachers are in this category (Since the Gospel of Christ is the most powerful weapon against the NWO, what else can be expected?).

Blacklistees are targeted for EXTERMINATION.   They will be outcasts without even the right to live.   Those who, with God’s help, escape the initial purges will live with a death warrant over them.   Since their papers will be flagged to their blacklisted status, it will be impossible for them to carry on any transaction without being caught and sent to the camps.   Unable to live a normal life, these will have to withdraw from the system and fully depend on the Lord for their daily needs.

This category is separated into two subgroups, which I call Black-Red and Black-Blue.   These are the Red and Blue roundup lists that

Al Cuppett and others have warned about (Not to be confused with the Red and Blue main categories described above.)

According to Al Cuppett, Black-Reds will be rounded up six weeks before martial law, and Black-Blues will be rounded up at the onset of martial law.   This is a critical peorid in our nations history.   There is open debate of is we need martial law, should we give the military more domestic control.   Martial law and militarization of the police should be resisted at all costs, but this is not the most important thing.

But do not think for a moment that if you don’t win souls, that you don’t resist, you will be better off.   All neutral “Reds” will be forced to take sides and choose either Blue or Black.   MANY will be compelled to choose Blue, for as the Bible says all who reject the Beast and his mark will be killed, and if they want to buy food they will take it…

here is more of God than there is of them.   “…[G]reater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.” I John 4:4.   We must seek Him daily, seek His guidance daily, and read and MEMORIZE His Word daily.

It is important to note that blacklisting does not automatically mean your death.   They cannot kill you outside of the Lord’s timing.   But if you haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, you do NOT have divine protection and are at great risk.   For no born-again Christian can exist as a Blue, for they cannot take the Luciferian pledge and the Mark of the Beast.   You may say “They will kill me !”.   But think about this: someday you will die anyway, even if the New World Order doesn’t get you!!!   The question is “Where will you go when you die?”.

If you are not saved, remember this: your good works will not get you into heaven.   Fighting the NWO without Jesus Christ will not get you into Heaven.   Many who fight against the NWO will end up in hell burning with the NWO, because salvation is determined by your acceptance or rejection of Jesus Christ alone.   All that fight in the flesh shall fall, but those who have Christ shall prevail and overcome!

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