An Economic Collapse Under President Trump Might Actually be a Good Thing

How could an economic collapse be a good thing?  Trump’s economic policies of America first, lower taxes and less regulation will cause our economy to grow and prosper.  However, we are still declining spiritually, and that very rapidly.  Prosperity will only hasten this decline.  In times of prosperity, people will see no need to put their trust in God.  An economic crash will be painful, but it will cause people to be more ready to seek after God.   They will be more receptive to the coming revival.   Only when was are prospering spiritually can we truly have prosperity.

In addition to causing us to seek after the Lord, an economic crash would give Trump the opportunity to “drain the swamp” of Wall St.   When the crash comes, the media will blame Trump for it.  He will need to pass the blame on the those truly responsible. They need to be investigated.  I pray that he won’t let the globalist bankers who created this mess go unpunished.    When Iceland’s economy tanked, they didn’t bail out the bankers, they jailed them!  However, even we as a people need to give up our greed and materialism and return to the Lord.  We need true repentance.  We need revival.  America cannot be great again, until America is godly again!


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Updated: December 23, 2016 — 6:21 PM