Through prayer and fasting, the global elites can and will be defeated

The global elites are a threat to all humanity.  Their wickedness knows no bounds.  They are murders.  They are pedophiles.  They are human traffickers.   They view us as fodder to die in wars to enrich themselves.  They view us as slaves to fulfill their slightest wish.  They view our life savings as bounty to plunder.  They are truly the enemies of humanity.  They are engaged in all kinds of occultic and Satanic rituals, including the bloody ‘spirit cooking’ revealed by Wikileaks.  I pray all their wicked deeds are brought to light, that they cannot hide.  At that time, all decent people, regardless of race, religion or political persuasion, will call for them to be brought to justice.  They need to be indited;  they need to be prosecuted publicly; they need to face the consequences of their actions.

The global elites saw that righteousness and holiness was our strength as a nation.  And thus they seduced us into sin on top of sin.  They pumped all sorts of vile garbage into our homes via their television networks.  They succeeded to drive God’s blessing’s from us, and put us under His curse and judgment.  Oh America, return to the God Who made us great to begin with, the God of the Bible: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Reject the sins the elites are pushing on us through their media.  Reject the witchcraft; reject the pornography; reject the greed; reject the covetousness; reject the debt;  reject the vile music.  Turn back to God.  Turn back to Biblical holiness.  Jesus Christ died to take away your sins; there is NO sin that He cannot help you overcome.   And once you are right with God, join us in praying for revival.  Join us in praying against the global elites.  Through prayer and fasting, we will see revival.  Through prayer and fasting, we will see the fall of the global elites.  We will pray and fast them into justice.


Make America righteous again.

Make America holy again.

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