“But it’s in there somewhere else!” Every instance of every doctrine in the Bible is important to God.

Many will tell me, upon showing them errors and omissions in their new Bible versions, something like the following:

“So what if this new Bible leaves it out here or changes it or says ‘This verse isn’t found in the oldest and best manuscripts’!   This doctrine is still gotta be in there, somewhere!!!”

I will tell of my own personal experience, which shows quite definitely that every time a certain doctrine is found in the Bible is important to God.   Every instance of that doctrine is supposed to be there.   And to leave just one of them out is spiritual treason.   People learn by repetition.   God knew that when He created us, and He knew that when He inspired His word.   He knew that the only way we would learn something was to have it pounded into our head!   So He repeated the most important doctrines many times throughout His word.   Doctrines such as salvation by faith, salvation through Christ and His death, Christ’s resurrection, Christ’s deity, sanctification, living holy lives, and the second coming of Christ are repeated over and over again.   These are important doctrines that you must know, believe, and act upon!   How do I know that all these repetitions should be here?   God told me!   In a most unforgettable way:

I was just starting to read the Bible after being backslidden for many years.   I had never read the Bible this through before, and I began to notice that many things were repeated again and again.   Not knowing why, I complained to God.   And quicker than lightning, I got the unforgettable rebuke: “THOSE ARE IMPORTANT BIBLE DOCTRINES, THAT IS WHY THEY ARE REPEATED!”   So there you have it: all Scripture pertaining to salvation by grace through faith, salvation through Christ alone, Christ’s sinless nature, the need to abandon sin (and many more) are ALL important, and NONE should be removed, regardless to what some manuscripts or some scholar says!


In case you didn’t get it the first time, I will repeat it so you learn by repetition.


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