Avatar: Your Invitation to the New, Computer Generated World

The term “avatar” has been used greatly to describe one’s presence in a virtual world. Computer-generated (CG) fantasy worlds, such as Second Life and World of Warcraft use the term avatar to describe the 3D representation of your virtual self. The term avatar is also used to describe 2D representations such as profile pictures and even screen names. With the term avatar planted in the public’s mind, a movie titled “Avatar” swept box offices last winter (2009-2010). This is the beginning of an article series exposing hidden and not-so-hidden messages in James Cameron’s “Avatar.” This will be a general overview of the messages in “Avatar.”

In the context of this film, there are three definitions of avatar that need to be distinguished.

Hindu – a representation of a deity in human or animal form, sent to earth to restore godliness. The word avatar originated in Hinduism, from the Sanskrit avatatara meaning “a passing down.” Each Hindu god can have many avatars. Cameron’s “Avatar” and Hinduism

Vishnu with his Ten Avatars

These avatars are often portrayed as having blue skin. This is important to note in context of the movie, “Avatar.” In Hinduism, an avatar can also simply mean one being in another form.

Computer – a user’s representation in a virtual world. This definition has already been mentioned. In a 3D computer world, an avatar can be anything: human, animal, mythical, robot, or a custom creation.

Movie – a “remotely controlled body” … “grown from human DNA mixed with the DNA of the natives…” The avatars look closely like the Na’vi natives.

The message of Avatar is simple. The film is designed to draw viewers into it’s spectacular fantasy world, and make them desire to stay. Since they cannot stay, it induces in them the desire to be “changed,” so that they can come and stay. It does this by chronicling the process of protagonist Jake Sully, as he is transformed from being human to being Na’vi. It shows a process of transforming from human to posthuman, giving viewers the hope that they too will be able to live in a Pandora-like world, in a Na’vi-like body. However, the most disturbing aspect is the mixture of human and alien DNA, both scientifically and sexually.

The Dream World

First, Avatar creates in it’s viewers a vision of an unbelievable computer-generated fantasy world named Pandora. The overall focus of this film is the magnificence of Pandora. The plot is basic, and the dialog uninteresting. But the visual is amazing. Note the following screenshots from the film:

The “Tree of Souls”

Biolumenscent plants

Bizarre plants and trees

Floating “Hallelujah” Mountains

“Hallelujah” Mountains, again

Flying on dragon-like creatures

Flying on dragon-like creatures

However, most viewers do not stop to consider that everything they are seeing is computer generated. The entire world of Pandora is CG. The blue-skinned avatars and Na’vi are CG, created using an advanced system of performance capture. These characters are all avatars in the computing sense. They are computer generated representations of unseen actors. The resulting animation is extremely lifelike. This is not cartoonish, “Toy Story” style animation. The animation is so life-like that it is nearly impossible to detect. The spectacular imagery includes biolumenescent plants and animals, colorful blue-skinned aliens, flight on dragon-like creatures, and the floating “Hallelujah Mountains.”

(The movie “The Matrix” portrayed a computer-generated world, yet it was filmed using traditional live action. “Avatar” portrays a “real” world, yet was filmed using computer generation. “Avatar” seems to be an indication that a “Matrix” style virtual world is frighteningly close. The Matrix portrayed a computer-generated world; Pandora is a computer-generated world.)

The Na’vi (or “The People”) are the natives/aliens of Pandora. According to the “Pandorapedia” website, the average male is 10 feet tall, and has the strength of four human men. They possess feline ears and eyes, four fingers per hand, four toes per foot, and a tail. Their bones are “reinforced with naturally existing carbon fiber.” The Na’vi lifestyle is very simplistic and naturalistic, centered around a pantheistic goddess named Eywa. This “mother earth” goddess is made up of every living thing. Pantheism permeates the entire film, with several displays of occultic rituals and worship by the Na’vi. Pantheistic nature religions believe there to be a connection between the goddess and all life. This belief is made real in “Avatar:”

…there is some kind of electrochemical communication between the roots of the trees, like the synapses between neurons. And each tree has ten to the fourth connections to the trees around it. And there are ten to the twelfth trees on Pandora…It’s a global network, and the Na’vi can access it. They can upload and download data. Memories. At sites like the one you just destroyed… (1:31:00)

The pantheistic belief system has been made a reality in the false world of Pandora. Anything can be made real in a computer-generated dream world.

Invitation to Become Posthuman

Once seeing the beauty of Pandora, one is instilled with hope for a better world. This is precisely what was intended:

Pandora. One can only think of it’s namesake in Greek mythology. The box has been opened. Amidst it’s savage terrain and fierce creatures, we must assume this strange, bewitching place might hold something inside itself for us all. Hope for our race, for our planet, and for the future of all living things. (“Pandora Discovered” video on the “Pandorapedia” website.)

Having seen this movie, the viewer does not want to leave the false world. It is far superior to ours. They want to stay, and become a Na’vi, or at least live as an avatar. Viewers are reportedly suffering “Post Avatar Depression” because they cannot live on Pandora. The official Avatar forum has threads on “Ways to cope with the depression of the dream of Pandora being intangible.” Another thread poses the question: “Would you rather be a human or a Na’vi?” Not surprisingly, most of the respondents want to be a full Na’vi, or at least have an avatar form. (Remember, the film is about a human who is transformed into a Na’vi.)

The film’s producers hope to cash in on “Post Avatar Depression” with slogans such as:

Return to Pandora” (Back of DVD)

Open your eyes and return to Pandora” (trailer on official website, http://www.avatarmovie.com)

Join the Avatar Program” (DVD insert, website)

Return to the world” (official website)

Become an Avatar” feature on official website. (This allows the user to upload a photo, to have their skin colored blue like the Na’vi, and generate a Na’vi name.)

The “Post Avatar Depression” victims are told to deal with their “depression” by repeatedly immersing themselves in the false world of Pandora by watching the movie, playing the “Avatar” video game, participating in online “Avatar” discussions, and perusing the official “Avatar” websites. (This startling trend will be discussed in detail in future articles.)

Many people now want to live on Pandora. They even want to become Na’vi, to become aliens. They are ready to be told how to evolve into godhood. They are ready for the great lie. They are ready for transhumanism. As discussed in previous articles, transhumanism is a movement which seeks to improve and enhance the human condition using technology. The desire is to help human evolution, to artificially induce the next step in human evolution. The Christian worldview rejects both evolution and transhumanism as unbiblical. A “posthuman” is defined as someone who has completely taken the next step in human evolution, and can no longer be considered human. A “transhuman” is someone between human and posthuman.

Transition from Human to Posthuman

The film “Avatar” is about transhumanism. In an article titled “Transhumanism Has Already Won,” Micheal Anissimov cited “Avatar” as proof that transhumanism has gone mainstream. “Avatar” is the story of Jake Sully and his transition from being a human to being a post human. This requires two transformation or initiations. The process is simply:

Human => Initiation #1 => Transhuman => Initiation #2 => Posthuman

Or, in terms of the film,

Human => Initiation #1 => Avatar => Initiation #2 => Na’vi

In the movie, Sully begins as a full-blooded human. The first initiation uses a brain-computer interface and genetic engineering, as he uses human technology to enter and control a genetically engineered avatar body by proxy. He is now a transhuman. He enters the world of the Na’vi as an avatar, and begins learning their ways. As the process of transition continues, he becomes integrated into their world, their culture, and their religion. He also becomes disconnected from the human world.

He is inducted as one of the Na’vi, and is ready for the second initiation. In an occultic ritual, his soul is permanently moved from his human body to his avatar body. Pandora is a computer-generated world. Does this mean that someday, people will be able to live permanently as avatars in CG worlds? This may seem outlandish, but it is exactly what this film is suggesting. And “Post Avatar Depression” is showing that people want to live in fantasy worlds like Pandora. This two-stage initiation was even shown in Disney’s classic Pinocchio. Pinocchio did not become a human all at once. First, he was animated, but still a puppet. But he had to earn the right for his second transformation, which turned him into a human boy. Likewise, Jake Sully had to earn his second initiation. “The Na’vi say that every person is born twice. The second time is when you earn your place among The People forever.” Herein is the essence of all false religions: that you have to earn your way out of your sins. However, the Bible states that Jesus Christ has PAID the price for your sins. Other religions say “DO,” but Christ says “DONE!” The devil is the master of counterfeits.

Human Hybrids and Fallen Angels

Bold Hybrid/Nephilim Propaganda

In addition, the film advocated creating hybrids of humans and space aliens. The avatar bodies are human/Na’vi hybrids. In addition, Jake Sully, the human protagonist, falls in love with the Na’vi Neytiri, and is even portrayed as having intercourse with her. (However, the full scene was removed so that the film would be “family friendly”.) The above screenshot shows Jake, in human form, with Neytiri.

The Bible forbids the interbreeding of different species of plants and animals. “Ye shall keep my statutes. Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind: thou shalt not sow thy field with mingled seed: neither shall a garment mingled of linen and woollen come upon thee” (Leviticus 19:19). In addition, Christian theology considers UFOs and space aliens to be demonic manifestations. Genesis Ch 6 records that, in the time of Noah, fallen angels intermarried with human women, producing offspring called Nephilim, giants, possessing superhuman strength. With the Na’vi being 10 ft tall, with four times the strength of a human, they make a good match for this Biblical description. The conditions at the return of Christ will match those at the time of Noah: “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, and the flood came, and destroyed them all.” (Luke 17:26-27). This means that the Nephilim will return in the last days. Films like “Avatar” are preparing the population for their return.


In “Avatar,” viewers are presented a spectacular, pristine computer-generated world. Their appetites for the fantasy are whetted. They are also shown the transition of one from human to posthuman, planting in their minds that, in the future, this could be them. They are shown that the keys for this transformation lie in computer technologies, genetic engineering, and cross-breeding humans with space aliens. The “Pandora Discovered” video declares “The box has been opened,” and that Pandora contains “…hope…for the future of all living things.” “Avatar” and Pandora represents the globalists vision for this planet, and for the human race. Humans are bad. They destroy the planet and deplete it’s resources. They must be replaced with environmentally friendly post-humans.

In the future, with transhumanism and the return of the Nephilim, humanity will be offered a series of transformations or initiations promising godhood, superhuman powers and even eternal life. It will be a great deception. It may even be THE great delusion warned of in Scripture (2 Thessalonians 2:11). Man, having utterly rejected God’s FREE gift of eternal life in the paradise of Heaven now seek to produce their own paradise and eternal life on earth. Why? Because they do not want to obtain it on God’s terms. They do not want to give up their sin. Unfortunately, many will follow the way of the devil and take the initiations. But the devil is the father of lies. His promises are null and void. Promised godhood, men will be turned into beasts, recreated in the image of the beast they worship. Promised eternal life, they will receive eternal death in hell. The globalists will promise life extension technologies, but they do not intend on sharing them with the people. They will promise life, yet deliver death. They plan on culling the population, including them that faithfully serve them.

Avatar” is announcing the advent of transhuman technologies and the return of the Nephilim. Take head, and don’t be deceived. Repent of your sins, and get right with God. Read and obey your Bible, and you will not be deceived. If you have yet to accept Christ’s forgiveness for your sins, do so today, or you will be caught up in the coming deception.

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