Accountability Policy

At PWM, we stand in defense of the TRUTH.  We stand on the Bible to be the final authority in all matters, especially faith and practice.  We also seek the truth in regards to history, finances, politics, terrorism, ect.

However, we are still human, and do make mistakes.  We are not above reproach.  Therefore, if we make any statement that is not true to the Bible and to historical facts, please let us know.  However, please provide the Scripture references and/or documented facts that show us to be in error.  We desire to stay true to the Bible, and not be led off into any heresy.

Do NOT believe any thing that we say or write on this site, but be a good Berean (Acts 17:10-12) and research it out for yourself.

Contact us at pwm AT preservedword DOT com

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Updated: February 24, 2015 — 10:59 PM