A Clean Name or a New Name? Finally, a Baptist Pastor breaks the silence and calls for reform in the IFB movement.

Finally, a Baptist Pastor breaks the silence on abuse and unbiblical practices in some IFB churches.  I have personally seen most of what is on his list below.




What is bothersome to our name, however, is that in some places, being independent fundamental Baptist is not simply about doctrine.

Many times, in these days, the churches are known for:

  • Mishandling sinful issues
  • Pastors living without accountability or not being approachable
  • Recommending immoral pastors to other churches
  • Preferential divisiveness fostered by fruitless men with a computer and angry men with a pulpit
  • Excessive loyalty to a personality or institution
  • A Christianity focused more on externals than the heart
  • Emphasis on the fear of man more than on the fear of God

This list could go on and on, but it seems like an unbalanced few, with the help of technology, have sent a sad, “name damaging” message that is cast upon the whole.

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